Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY mourners tombstone (inspired by Halloween forum)

Steps and description coming really on a time crunch now, Halloween is right around the corner!!!

FYI do not use a satin dress! Burlap works the best.

Visit halloween they are the bomb!

All step by step photos have accidentally been deleted, I plan to rework this project and maybe even do a similar one. Will posts plans and pictures.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY witches cauldron

Inspired by

Someone donated some plastic cauldrons to my cause a few years ago and I've never known what to do with them since it is so dark in my haunted barn. So seeing the post on the Halloween forum got me moving. Here is my version( please don't laugh and keep in mind I use things I find laying around).

First I took the lid to my empty plaster bucket from my monster mud ( because that's what was laying around. I glued an Old butter container to it.
I then wrap my orange mini strand of lights around the butter container keeping them within the plaster lid. Keeping in mind the ends of the plug. The plaster lid worked to my benefit here, the groves let me tuck the lights into position and run the cord out the side. I then sprayed my great stuff in, waited for it to dry and spray painted.

Unfortunately I lost by progress pictures but here is the finished project.

DIY glowing fire pit

As seen on

I used a scrap piece if cement board for a base. I purchased a cheap strand of mini orange lights from big lots. Cut up some old water and cold drink bottles ( most came out of my teenage daughters bedroom ewwww) and a can of great stuff.
I used hot glue to attach the coke bottles as I arranged the lights. Make sure you have enough cord left out to plug in. Spray great stuff foam thinly to allow for expansion. When dry, in a few hours, apply a thin layer of black spray paint.
All my step my steps photos I accidentally erased but here is my finished project.