Saturday, August 25, 2012

The makings of a monster

First I build a base out of scrap lumber. On this project I used a metal flange with a smaller pipe screwed to my base wood. I slipped my PVC frame on flange and ran a screw through the center to keep it from swiveling.

Monster mud* this is my recipe, which I mix Sheetrock mud, latex paint ( i use oops paint that i find throughout the year) and celluclay. I do not have exact measurements, I just mix it to the consistency I like to work with, which is a thick cold mud. There are many recipes for monster mud online do your research and find a recipe that suits you)

I build a PVC frame using random pieces of plumbing and fittings. Then add a styrofoam head (or a cheap store bought skull, with agile In the bottom).

After you know how I want my creature positioned, I glue my pieces into place.
Hands were pre made ( DIY hot glue skeleton hands)

I then start cutting and bending wire mesh to suit my needs. Chicken wire can be used as well but I prefer smaller mesh. The mesh is stronger but may be a little harder to work with.

After getting my wire secured by wrapping a small gage wire ( I use bailing wire) around mesh to secure them together,I bend the mesh into shape. I Make sure all wire ends are tucked in and fold in my corners, this will save my fingers later.

I then take burlap and drape over my structure. Then I am ready to start applying my monster mud. I Avoid putting monster mud on to thick or drying time will be forever it will also crack. I can always do a second coat. I use oops paint for my monster mud so my colors vary, so I buy cheap white and black spray paint to keep on hand for color adjustments when it dries. I'm still not done (am i ever really done?) and can't wait to share the final results.

Okay, it is now 2015, these were originally made in 2012 and the 2nd critter always seem lacking to me, he was off balance. So, this year I decided to modify him a little and give him some wings to even him out a bit. I first cut him open and exposed his inside.

The PVC was cut and spliced to and a three way fitting was added. I then framed the wings (being mindful not to make it to heavy) with cvpc and various elbows angles fittings. I then did all the above mentioned steps and painted.